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Frontier's Articles Page

These articles are written and copywrited by Diane Richardson. They MAY NOT be reprinted or reproduced without written permission of Diane Richardson

Additionally all articles previously published in The Total Rottweiler Magazine may not be reprinted or reproduced without additionally receiving permission from TRM (plus Diane Richardson)

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print How To properly Use a Slip leash-Photo Illustrations - 2012

printRottweilers and Children- 2010

printSouthern Dog Rescue Articles re: Importation to New England- 2008

printRaising Rescue Rottweiler litters-from birth to adoption - 2003
(applies to all breeds, planned or unplanned litters)

print30 Tips For Raising Rottweilers - 1st created 1995, latest edit 2013

printHow To Choose a Breeder, 10 Points To Remember - 2013

printRottweiler Purr/Grumble. What it is and is not - 2012

printRottweiler Colors and Coats

printAging puppies -2008

printInterested In Breeding Your Dog? - late 1990's

printTRM Family Dog- 2008

printTRM Intro To AKC Rally- 2009

printTRM Adventures in Wildlife Recovery- 2009

printTRM Antler Hunting- 2009

printTRM Moxie; The Little Rottweiler Who Could- 2009

printTRM Backpacking- 2010

printTRM Drafting/Carting Part 1 (co written)- 2010

printTRM Master Agility Champion The Fabulous Peaches!- 2010

printTRM Annabelle: Street Dog to Obedience Dog to Therapy Dog -2011

print TRM Using Non-Traditional Titles To Advance Your Dog’s Skills - Part 1 2011
effective July 2013 AKC is adding MORE Optional Titling Classes: PreNovice (PCD)no group stays, PreOpen (PCDX) no stays and PreUtility (PUTD). This opens up a possible alternate/Non Traditional obedience path of titles still further -there IS a class for anyone and anydog now! Click here for PDF of the 7/2013 new classes
print TRM Using Non-Traditional Titles To Advance Your Dog’s Skills - Part 2 2011

printTRM Train The Dog In Front Of You - 2012

printTRM Mikayla: From Dumpster to Performance Dog - 2012

printTRM Death, Desolation & Darkness: How to survive your BEST friend's death - 2013

printTRM Mishka Saves The Day - 2013



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In the USA these copyright laws include the Copyright Revision Act of 1976 and the No Electronic Theft Act of 1997. Every Country has their own similar laws and there is also International Copyright laws that recognise original creators.
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Darla Button     Our Rottweilers
Past and present

Darla Button     Rottweiler Info
about; JLPP; SAS; Embark; choosing a breeder;
long coat; wire coat; red coat;purr/grumble;

Darla ButtonRaising Rottweilers
Darla ButtonBearded Rottweilers
Beards, Wire coat, Furnishing test

Darla Button       Red Rottweilers
Color history, red and other "off" colors"

Darla ButtonJLPP, LEMP, NAD
Inherited neurological diseases

Darla ButtonSub Aortic Stenosis
SAS in Rottweilers

Darla Button         Hip Dysplasia

Darla Button

Transitional Cell Carcinoma
our TCC journey with Angelica

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Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia
Our AIHA journey with Bonnie

Darla Button       Titer Project

our multi breed project tracking Distemper/ Parvovirus titers in our dogs

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Kennel Story
History, Health stats,
Insurance, etc

Breeding Info
Interest in breeding dogs?
Written by Diane Richardson
Clicker Info
How to use clicker training method
Boarding Tips
Choosing a boarding kennel
Our breedings past and future
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Our Shiba Inu

Past dogs
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