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About The Dogs and People of Frontier

Christmas 1999. Tune, Rob, Molly, Angelica, Diane, Xena, Bill, Elisha, Stacia, Tribble, Riker

Welcome to the Frontier Rottweiler & Shiba Inu web page.
We have an excellent reputation for smart, pretty dogs that LOVE families!

The History of Frontier
Health Stats for Rottweilers Produced by Frontier
Homeowner's Insurance in NH
What We Feed


The History of Frontier


Cherich's Annie's Magic
(Ch Eiko v Schwaiger Wappen CDX, Sch III X Majorhausen's Be My Destiny CD)

I purchased my first Rottweiler in 1985- Cherich's Annie's Magic. I showed Magic just a few times. This was my introduction to dog showing and at our second show she won reserve to a major at just 7 months old! Unfortunately Magic developed a wry bite and was no longer showable, but she was my best friend and loyal companion her whole life. We traveled to Alaska and back and enjoyed many adventures.

Shadowhaus' Classic Starr
( Ch Concord's Justin Bear X Ch Midnight Magic v Shadowhaus)

However, I was bitten by the "show bug" and in 1988 purchased my second Rottweiler, Shadowhaus' Classic Starr. Starr was to become the foundation for Frontier.   Starr dislocated her hip that first winter and never moved Well enough afterwards to show well, but she produced 3 lovely litters for us (A, B, C litters)

Frontier Avalon Angelica HICs, CGC 
(Gladlea's Senator of Apoldo- a CH Radio Ranch's Axel von Notara  son- X Starr)

From our A litter came, Frontier Avalon Angelica HICs, CGC OFA Good , a small but beautifully moving bitch with a super sweet disposition.
Angelica produced 3 litters for us (D, E, F). Angelica lived to be 13 years, 2 months old and her presence is missed.

Frontier Dawson Creek Driftr 
(Banta's Desko v Barry -a son of V-1 rated Barry v Hertener Wappen SCH 3, AD- X Angelica)
Frontier Enchanted Elisha HICs 
(Frontier Crown Prince Apollo X Angelica)
Frontier Fortune Hunter
(Frontier Samson v Rogue River CGC-  a son of A/C CH Pioneer's DJ Star Stuben CD- X Angelica)
Frontier Fiona The Beautiful HICs
(Frontier Samson v Rogue River CGC-  a son of A/C CH Pioneer's DJ Star Stuben CD- X Angelica)


V rated Frontier Cache Creek Cadence CGC, TT 
(Banta's Ransom v Merkur -a son of V-1 rated Merkur v Bayernland SCH III, FH, Gekort Biz EZA- X Starr)

Frontier Gustafs Blitzkrieg,
(Pioneer's Remington's Rule--son of Denmark import, Can Ch Ruben--X Molly)

From our C litter came, Molly, officially known as V rated Frontier Cache Creek Cadence CGC, TT, OFA good. If she'd had a better handler, Molly would have easily finished her AKC Championship, but alas she was stuck with me and became known as the reserve queen. As a youth girl, Molly placed 3rd in a large 18-24 month class at the USRC Eastern Regional show and made the final cut at several very large shows. No matter the venue, the judges always had lovely things to say about Molly and not so lovely things to say about me! Molly produced 3 litters for us (G, H, I) and lived to be 11 years, 10 months old. In life she could NOT be ignored and in death, the absence is palpable.

Frontier Highland Breeze HICs
(Frontier Dawson Creek Driftr   X Molly)

VP Frontier Justagenius Darla
( Bill X Xena)

From our H litter of 6 girls, came Xena (Frontier Highland Breeze HICs, OFA excellent, DNA profiled ) who was herding instinct certified at only 8 months old. Xena was a brilliant mind that suffered a severe reaction to a Rabies vaccine as a pup and never fully recovered her former potential. Xena produced our tragic J litter from which only the lovely and HIGHLY intelligent Darla (VP Frontier Justagenius Darla ) survived. Darla was loved, spoiled, trained and taken on many adventures until she died at 14 months old, from the SAS she was born with. Poor, loyal unto death, Xena developed a highly aggressive mammary carcinoma and when that was removed and she was spayed, within 24 hours a fast moving fibrosarcoma appeared. We sent her to join her daughter and be free to run again just 4 MONTHS post surgery.... Xena was 6 years, 4 months old.

If ever I owned a dog that would have leapt from a cliff if I had asked, Xena was that dog.

Frontier I Ask, Who's Next? HICs, TT
(CH Loral's Buffalo Bill TT--son of CH Jade Hagen Kodiak CDX- X Molly)

The I litter brought our boy Bill (Frontier I Ask, Who's Next? HICs, TT, OFA Good,OFA Cardiac, CERF,DNA profiled ) Bill is all boy who knows full well when to be protective and when to be a mush-ball. He is wonderful with tiny baby Shiba and Rottweiler puppies, human children and just an all around very good and sound man!

Bill lived to be 14 years 10 months and 11 days old

U-CD B Mine vd Frolikind zu Frontier CD, RE, TD, TT, CGC

(V1 rated, Dutch CH. Ter Waele Posse, BH, IPO III, RST, E.S.Z  X  Froli vom Wahrener Eck, SchH 2, BH, AD, BST, OA, AXJ, VX)

In 2003 we drove to Massachusetts and picked up the 7-1/2 week old puppy that would become THE driving force in my life. U-CD B Mine vd Frolikind zu Frontier, CD, RN, RA, RE, TD, TT, CGC OFA Good, OFA Elbows and Cardiac, CERF I have loved every single Rottweiler I have had in all these years in the breed. They all have held a piece of my heart and been dearly loved. However, Bea was special. She came to me when I was in my dark times, the year following the loss of 14 month old Darla to SAS. Bea yanked me out of that funk by the sheer force of her personality.
We dove into the world of performance, all self taught. We earned her titles in a whirl wind and with an ease that made me look good, it was not me though it was all Bea! No matter what it was, Bea did it well. With a better handler and more money, this dog would have been on the top of the world. Even hampered with me, she managed to wow her fans and earn American Rottweiler Club ranking.

Bea gave us the K litter and then came back to earn 4 Rally Advanced Excellent legs in large classes with placements, earned her Tracking Dog title in the rain and made a valiant attempt at earning her Tracking Dog Excellent title, and would have had it not been for the ding bat at the other end of the line. In January 2008, mid way through her pregnancy with her second litter, the L's, our wonderful Bea was diagnosed with bone cancer. By virtue of willpower alone, Bea lived to see the pups be 2-1/2 weeks old before she felt that she had done enough and I'd be ok to continue in her stead. At 4 years 11 months old the bright, hot flame that was our Bea went out.

Frontier Komotion RE, CGC
(Bill X Bea)

Bea's 2005 K litter brought us a girl named Annie ( Frontier Komotion RN, RA, RE, CGC, Wildlife Recovery Dog OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows, Cardiac and Thyroid, CERF). Annie is a perfect house dog and a lively, DRIVEN outside dog. Indoors she is the dog everyone who visits wants (we tell everyone she is NOT for sale!), outside she is a working fool.

Annie earned her Rally Novice title in just 3 trials between 6 and 9 months of age! Annie is a working Wildlife Recovery Dog (blood tracking dog). After a 4 year absence from the trial ring, Annie earned her Rally Advanced title in 3 straight trials and then her Rally Excellent title also in 3 straight trials.

Annie then took a break from obedience competitions but then came back out again and earned her CDSP companion Dog (CD-C) title in 3 straight trials and 1 leg of her CDSP Companion Dog excellent (CDX-C) title in her first try.

In May of 2015 just 2 months after her CDX-C leg we lost Annie to GI Lymphoma (a rare form of cancer) very unexpectedly. A TRAGIC loss but just the start of a series of 3 mystery losses that stole Annie, Aeryn and Itsy away in just 8 months time.

                         Frontier Life Eternal CGC                                  Frontier Leave Nothing To Chance
(Bill X Bea)

The sad L litter brought us 7 wonderful creations to keep us busy while their Mom traveled to the Rainbow Bridge. Busy is an understatement! But those 7 hand raised babes are all wonderful little bits of their Mom, Bea. The babies who stayed are Bonnie (Frontier Life Eternal CGC, OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows) and Itsy (Frontier Leave Nothing To Chance, Antler Dog,  OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows).

Sadly at just over 2 years of age we tragically lost Bonnie very suddenly to Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia

Itsy is a working Antler Hunting dog and we hope to either get her into AKC tracking.
We retired Itsy from Antler hunting and wildlife cadaver work in 2014 because of arthritis in her formerly broken toe and in 2015 after Annie's loss started training towards her AKC tracking dog title, but it was not to be....

In January 2016 we lost Itsy to primary lung cancer. A VERY rare cancer, just 1 month after losing Aeryn at Christmas to the same exact thing... This was the end of our Frontier line of Rottweilers.

While we added River in August 2015. She is from another kennel and different bloodlines.

Our vet and health professionals begged us to move from our home on Unity Mountain (3 dogs to rare cancers in 8 months being too much coincidence) and finally in August 2016 we did so.

We bred River one single time at 6 years old and got our M litter from which Jenny comes from


Shiba Inu

Frontier Tomas Fox
(sired by Yuniku's Andy of Loudon)

Our Shiba Inu involvement began in 1995 when I picked up a shiba pup for someone in West Virginia and kept her for a few months before shipping her. Our first shiba of our own, was Frontier Tomas Fox who was a beautiful dog but terribly shy. He hated showing-but won 3 reserves anyway. Tomas loved to be in the house and loved constant attention so we felt it in his best interest to find him a great home where he could be pampered and so we placed him in a pet home with 2 other shibas where he was very happy!

Frontier December Midnight
(sired by CH Imprints Dagen of Red Imps)

Our next show shibas were 1/2 sisters sired by CH Imprints Dagen of Red Imps.
Frontier December Midnight (Indigo) we raised on a bottle after her dam died. She was major pointed when we discovered that her patellas would not pass OFA (and she also decided it best to try to kill her half sister!) she was placed into a loving pet home where she is a spoiled Queen of her domain!

Frontier Killian's Red
(CH Imprints Dagen of Red Imps X Futeki of Mawhinneys)

Frontier Killian's Red CERF, OFA fair , earned 11 points and both majors handled by 7 year old Stacia.
Killian produced 2 litters for us- The Star Trek and Highlander litters
Killian is now retired to a loving pet home

Frontier Trouble W Tribbles
(CH Tanasea's The Road Master X Killian)
Frontier John Henry CGC, Working Therapy Dog
(CH Tanasea's Yankee Clipper X Tribble)

The Star Trek litter of 4 girls, produced our Frontier Trouble W Tribbles DNA profiled, CERF,OFA excellent.
Tribble was a fun and brilliant girl for whom everything in life was fun! She produced 3 litters for us- Thoroughbred hall of fame, It's About Time and tall Ships- and then went on to take total command of a family home and rescue boy Shiba

Windsong Valentine To Frontir CGC
(sired by Robmar's Hiroshi)

Our black & tan male, Riker (Windsong Valentine To Frontir CGC, DNA profiled, CERF, OFA good was our clicker trained dog extraordinaire.
Riker earned 18 points (including 1 major) towards his AKC championship (he missed the second major by one pulled female), and has retired from formal showing. He also helped daughter Stacia show in Jrs. At 13+ years old, Riker is in charge of my in laws home and has doggie followers as well!

doodle06     calypso11wks

                                        Tanasea's Yankee Doodle                Frontier Calypso

Doodle Tanasea's Yankee Doodle came to live with us for several years and what a sweet girl she is.
Doodle produced 2 litters for us- Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings. These two litters marked the end to our Shiba program
Doodle is now spayed and retired to a couch in a home along with her daughter Frontier Calypso.

Due to some sudden and unexpected losses and life changes in 2008, we drastically reduced our dog population and we now no longer have any Shiba Inu. We miss the HUGE personalities of the breed.


Health Stats for Rottweilers produced By Frontier

see also our Titer Project page

As of 7/29/15 Frontier has produced 66 pups (12 litters over 22 years) that lived more than 8 weeks old
(in all litters below, pups that died before 8 weeks are not counted in pup total next to litter letter except the J litter)

*OFA statistics for Rottweilers as a breed, show that only 8.4 % have hips rated as excellent and 20.2 % are dysplastic.

(From Jan. 1974 through Dec. 2014 a total of 95,279 Rottweilers were OFA evaluated)

OFA says that Rottweilers born specifically from 2006-2010 are 14.1% excellent and 15.2% dysplastic  (5134 such dogs evaluated) so the breed as a whole IS making good progress!

Dogs produced by Frontier have a (as of 2/6/2016) rate of 28+ % excellent hips (of dogs actually x rayed, not counting those never done).

*The average lifespan of a Rottweiler in the U.S. is 8 - 10 years of age

As of 2020, of the above 66 dogs produced by Frontier that are deceased

6+% (4) lived beyond 13 years

13+% (9) lived 12 - 13 years

19+% (13) lived 10 - 12 years

31+% (21) lived 8 - 10 years

24+% (16) lived less than 8 years

10+% (7) lived less than 8 years but died as the result of injury, accident etc

Of these 66 dogs:

66+% (44) were spayed/neutered before 12 months of age

1+% (1) was spayed between 12 and 24 months

13+% (9) were spayed/neutered after 2 years of age

13+% (9) were intact until death

In the interest of open-ness and honesty, below are the health statistics we have for all the Rottweilers we have produced. Most of our dogs are sold as pets and it is often quite difficult to convince the pet owners to have the certifications done, even with rebates. However, these are all that have been tested or reported as afflicted with the listed items, we keep in regular contact with our owners so have good confidence that the numbers are in fact correct.

A Litter- 3 pups 11/1991
Hips: 1 OFA Good
Cancer: 1 TCC bladder cancer
Lifespans: 6 years 9 months - 13 years 2 months

B Litter- 3 pups 5/1992
Hips : 1 OFA good, 1 unilateral mild
Lifespans: 4 years 9 months - 9 years 7 months

C Litter- 5 pups 12/1992
Hips: 2 OFA Good, 1 unilateral mild
Heart: 1 equivocal based on velocity, 1 II/VI SAS
Cancer: 1 spleen, 1 oral squamous cell carcinoma
Lifespans: 3 years (accident) - 11 years 11 months
(3 of the 5 lived 10 or more years)

D Litter- 7 pups 9/1993
Hips: 1 OFA excellent, 1 unilateral mild
Heart: 1 OFA cardiologist clear
Cancer: 1 lung
Diabetes: 2
Lifespans: 3 years (accident) - 11 years 10 months

(3 of the 7 lived 10 or more years)

E Litter- 6 pups 4/1994
Hips: 2 OFA good, 1 unilateral mild
Heart: 1 II/VI SAS
Cancer: 1 bone cancer
ACL/CCL: 3- 2 were known severe contact traumas, 1 unknown (unwitnessed)
Lifespans: 3 years (accident) - 12 years 8 months

(4 of the 6 lived 10 or more years)

F Litter- 9 pups 9/1995
Hips: 1 OFA Excellent, 1 OFA good, 1 prelim Good, 1 unilateral mild.
Bloat: 2
Diabetes: 1
Cancer: 1 skull , 2 bone cancer
ACL/CCL: 3 of which 2 were known contact traumas (1 severe contact trauma), 1 a no contact tear
Lifespans:  7 years - 13 years

(5 of the 9 lived 10 or more years)

G Litter- 5 pups 11/1995
Hips: 2 OFA Good, 1 unilateral mild
Cancer: 1 bone cancer , 1 brain
Lifespans: 2 years (accident) - 7 years 9 months

H- 6 pups 9/1997
Hips: 2 OFA excellent, 1 prelim good
Heart: 1 clear by cardiologist
Cancer: 1 bone cancer, 1 mammary and fibrosarcoma, 1 brain cancer
ACL/CCL: 1 which was known severe contact trauma
Lifespans:  5 years 8 months - 11 years 11 months

I Litter- 10 pups 10/1998
Hips: 2 OFA Excellent, 4 OFA good
Heart: 1 OFA cardiologist clear
Eyes: 1 CERF clear
Elbows: 1 DJD 1 unilateral left
Cancer: 3 bone cancer, 1 femoral artery tumor, 1 spleen tumor (dog w/ spleen tumor died at just shy of 15 years when it burst)
ACL/CCL: 2-of which 1 was known severe contact trauma and one cause unknown (unwitnessed)
Lymphangiectasia: 1 diagnosed at 7 years (still alive as of 9/2013)
Lifespans: 3 years 5 months (accident) - 15 years 26 days
(6 of the 10 lived 10 or more years)

J Litter- 8 pups 12/2000
Heart: 7 died before 5 weeks old, 1 III/VI SAS lived to 14 months

At this time we decided to no longer/ not go forward with any of Angelica's side of the family (D, E, F litters)

K Litter- 4 pups 9/2005
Hips: 1 OFA Excellent
Heart: 2 OFA cardiologist ECHO clear, 1 cardiologist ECHO equivocal slight aortic valve leak no SAS
ACL/CCL: 2-of which 1 was known severe contact trauma and 1 was cause unknown (unwitnessed)
Elbows: 1 OFA clear
Eyes: 1 CERF
Thyroid: 1 OFA clear

Cancer: 1 GI Lymphoma 9 years 8 months, 1 bone cancer 9 years 9 1/2 months

Lifespans: 8 years 7 months (PTS unknown accident related pain source) -  12 years 2 weeks

L Litter-7 pups 2/2008
dam of this litter was diagnosed with osteo of the left proximal humerus at 4 weeks pregnant and passed on when pups were about 2 1/2 weeks old
3 OFA excellent, 3 OFA good, 1 prelim Good @16 months
Heart: 2 OFA cardiologist ECHO clear
Elbows: 4 OFA elbows normal, 1 prelim normal @ 16 months,
1 DJD 1 right, 1 DJD 2 left/normal right(broke the grade 2 leg as a pup)
AIHA: 1 -triggered by Haemobartonella canis blood parasite at 2 years 6 months
Adult onset Demodex: 1 mild
ACL/CCL: 1 partial tear from known severe contact trauma, 1 partial tear at 10 years 8 months from bone issue)
Cancer: 1 liposarcoma, 1 SCC toe, 3 lung (7 years 10 3/4 months, 2 days shy of 8 years, 11 years 7 months)
Paralyzing Neck injury with bone/disc degeneration: at 6 years 10 months
Lifespans: 2 years 6 months - 11 years 9 months old


Homeowner's Insurance in NH

We had our insurance through Farm Family Insurance since 1999 or 2000, first as rental and then as Homeowner's. Their only requirement regarding dogs was that they had to meet them.

When we sold our house (7/2008) and in talking with Farm Family about converting back to a renter policy, I discovered that they had changed policy. They now have a "bad dog" list. They will no longer issue policies to people with dogs on this list. Those with existing policies can stay but there's a catch...

If you change anything: go from one house to a new one, from a rental to a house, from a house to a rental, this new policy no longer allows them to transfer you. They CANCEL your policy and write a new one. NO NEW policies can be written for owners of dogs on the list; and thus this is how they will eventually be rid of us all.

However, I DID find a solution. State Farm in NH has no breed list at all. All they have you swear to/sign, is that the dog has never bitten and is not trained to bite (Sch/Ring Sport etc is NOT allowed training)

SO, IF you are IN New Hampshire and need Renter's Insurance or Homeowner's insurance and your dog is a breed on one of those "bad dog lists", call State Farm 603-224-5298


What We Feed

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     sportdog     joint mobility glm

We also sometimes feed in addition to the above
Adobe angellifeline kelp



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