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Frontier Life Eternal CGC’s Pedigree

bonnie 2 years

bonnie stack 6 10

OFA Hips RO-70768E25F-VPI

OFA Elbows RO-EL7571F25-PI
Born February 1, 2008
Died August 4, 2010
Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia triggered by Haemobartonella canis/Mycoplasma haemocanis
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Frontier I Ask, Who's Next,  HICs, TT

OFA - RO60457G24M-T
Cardiac - RO-CA00675/21M/C-T CERF- RO4088
Elbows- (at 75 months) DJD Unilateral Left, Right clear
DNA Profiled



Ch Loral's Buffalo Bill, TT 


BIS/BISS Select Ch Jade Hagen Kodiac,  CDX, HIC Gold Sire       

Ch von Brader's Eiger
RO11086 Gold Sire
Leibs Kraus von Baker, CD
RO10234 Bronze Dam
Ch von Whelan's Belaire of
Tobant, CD, CGC, RTD
Ch Tobant's Grant
RO26385G24M-T Gold Sire
AKC/SKC Ch Tobant's Honey
Bun v Whelan

V Rated 
Frontier Cache Creek Cadence,


Banta's Ransom v Merkur 

V-1 Merkur vom Bayernland, SchH 3, AD HD- Gekort biz Eza
Ch Windrift's Diane Desirea
Shadowhaus' Classic Starr Ch Concord's Justin Bear 
Ch Midnight Magic v Shadowhaus 

U-CD B Mine vd Frolikind zu Frontier, CD, RE, TD, CGC, TT (4 RAE legs)

OFA Hips RO-65856G24F-PI
OFA Elbows RO-EL5140F24-PI
OFA Cardiac RO-CA1663/14F/C-PI
CERF RO-4878

2006 ARC #5 Rally Excellent & #11 Rally Advanced; 2005 tied for #16 Rally Excellent



V1 rated, Dutch CH. Ter Waele Posse, BH, IPO III, RST, E.S.Z. 7/15/1999
NHSB # 2.257.019
ED Frei
vWD clear
OFA RO-CA1483/51M/C-PI

Stephan von Kaisersteinbruch, Mil DH
HD Frei  

O-BJS'91 O-CH Filou von der Bleichstrasse, BH, AD, SchH 3 Gekort HD-
Yola von der Karl-Adolf-Ranch, Mil DH (Austria) HD-
Ter Waele Karma, AD, BH
ED Frei
Eyes Clear
Brando vom Hause Pronebner, SchH 3,
IPO 3, FH Gek. b EzA
Dutch CH Ter Waele Ducaat,
Froli vom Wahrener Eck, SchH 2, BH, AD, BST, OA, AXJ, VX
ARC 2002 #4 Novice Agility Jumpers, #7 Novice Agility Standard
ARC 2003 #8 Open Agility Jumpers, #9 Excellent Agility Jumpers
AKC#WP843481/01, ADRK#98100 12/3/1997, OFA RO-59197G24F-T, RO-EL3084-T, RO-CA493/17F/C-T, CERF German Import
INT/Lux/DT-VDH CH Dick vom Rhongeist SchH III, AD, BH, IPO III Gek. b. EzA
Pascha vom Hegestrauch, SchH 3, IPO III, FH, AD Gekort bis HD-
Asta vom Rhongeist, SchH 2, AD, BH
Gek. b. EzA
Alexa von der Zirbelnuss, SchH I , AD, BH, IPO 1, ZTP
INT/VDH-CH ES'89 Schwarz.S'90 Nemo vom Hegnenbacher Landl, SchH 3, FH, AD, BH, IPO 3 Gek. b. HD-
Bea vom Herzogsweg, SchH I, AD, BH,


Bonnie 6..5wks
6 1/2 weeks old

4 months old

Bonnie 7 1/2 mnths                                bonnie 9 mnths
         7 1/2 months                                                                                    9 months  

  bonnie grad    bonnie 16 months    bonnie emilie
     15 months old                                              16 months old                                            18 months old

bonnie annie bed jan 10  
               Bonnie and Annie winter snuggle Jan 2010                  


Bonnie's AIHA Story- From Healthy to Dead in 4 weeks

Bonnie was a lively and vibrant 79 lb 2 1/2 year old girl the beginning of July 2010, getting ready to make her show career. I had no idea that just 1 month later she would be under 60lbs and dead in my arms.........
 July 3rd we started a nasty heat wave and Bonnie seemed to be bothered by it a bit more then the other dogs, on July 8th she started having slightly sloppy yellowish stool but otherwise seemed ok; on July 13 I took her to the vet as she was not very willing to eat and had mucous type stool. We went back to the vet the 15th and 16th. On July 16 she was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia  (AIHA) triggered by the tick borne parasite they also diagnosed her with (Haemobartonella Canis/mycoplasma haemocanis), coupled with heat stress and hornet sting combined.
Most studies and articles on AIHA make no mention of Rottweilers but Dr Jean Dodds says it is not rare in the breed, but not especially common either. I have though run across quite a few owners who have lost Rotts to this horror. In Cocker Spaniels and Springers it seems to be hereditary. In most other breeds though (including Rotts) it is not thought to be hereditary
Typically there is what is called a trigger or a "perfect storm" of otherwise harmless events. Common triggers are tick borne illnesses, bee/hornet stings, vaccinations
In Bonnie's case it was primarily the blood parasite combined with a perfect storm scenario from what we can gather. She had her OFA's done; she went through a heat cycle; she had this tick borne blood parasite Haemobartonella canis (name recently changed to Mycoplasma Haemocanis- this is a Hemotropic mycoplasma illness UNRELATED to the reproductive mycoplasma), she got her July heartworm pill, she was heat stressed by our New England heat wave and then she grabbed a hornet and was stung in her mouth. ANY of these alone can be a trigger or be harmless but for some reason at least some of these- especially the blood parasite- cascaded her into AIHA
This is a fast and horrible illness with a mortality rate in excess of 50%. Mortality is higher if the dog suffers a sudden drop in PCV/HCT values and has autoagglutination (where the dead/dying red cells clump up). Bonnie had both of those factors

Bonnie spent 5 days (July 16-20) at the vet and came home with a fairly good prognosis for recovery. on Wed July 28 her bloodwork was improving and her appetite was great. 
Sat pm July 31 she started acting a bit dumpy, Sunday Aug 1 she was not too interested in food but still playing and crittering. Monday she quit eating but since she was still in good spirits and carrying HER ball around; we force fed her to keep her strength up. Tues pm she was a bit dumpier but still ok, we figured the heat and humidity return was bothering her and we had a vet appt Wednesday AM. At bedtime she was panting and hot but settled. She then got up several times to drink and when I took her out to potty she was VERY interested in chasing toads
When I got up Wednesday at 5:15 for the day she stumbled out of her crate and wobbled to the door looking wide eyed and paniced. I held her tight and her heart was racing out of control. After a few seconds she seemed calmer, went out to pee and came in and collapsed. About every 15 min she had heart racing episodes where she would be scared and stiff and after each one she was duller.
As soon as the vet opened we raced up; though not to try to save her life but to put her down and save her from anything more. Throughout the entire ride Bonnie was limp like sleeping but not. Just as we pulled into the vet drive she had a big cardiac event due to lack of oxygen and died in my arms
The vets believed that this was a result of her AIHA (a LARGE portion of these dogs die from cardiac complications) HOWEVER because I have a sister or two that someday I might want to breed and because she has many siblings we are having a necropsy done to make sure, Positively sure there was nothing unforeseen going on
Results of the necropsy: Bonnie had NO, NONE hereditary or congenital issues. She died of the AIHA complications (clumping RBCs clogged the heart). She also had a horrific stomach ulcer in spite of the pepcid and sucralfate

bonnie 2 years 
Frontier Life Eternal CGC 2/1/2008 - 8/4/2010   



Canine Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia : management challenges

ACVIM consensus statement on the diagnosis of immune-mediated hemolytic anemia in dogs and cats
Canine Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia: Pathophysiology, Clinical Signs, and Diagnosis

Haemobartonella canis/Mycoplasma haemocanis (this is actually QUITE rare in New England)
Blood smear inage
Haemotropic Mycoplasmas of Cats and Dogs: Transmission, Diagnosis, Prevalence and Importance in Europe
Hemotropic Mycoplasma Infections



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