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Freedom von den Dreibergen, NCO-2, PKD-T, PKD-N



D.O.B. June 3, 2015

River's OFA page
OFA Hips- RO-76668G24F-VPI Good
OFA Elbows- RO-EL11409F24-VPI Normal/clear
Juvenile Laryngeal Paralysis & Polyneuropathy OFA RO-LPP32/14F-PI Normal/Clear (n/n)
OFA Advanced Cardiac- RO-ACA224/22F-VPI Cardiologist echo 1.69 m/s
OFA Cardiac- RO-CA8395/52F/C-VPI
OFA eyes  RO-EYE1684/22F-VPI, RO-EYE1684/52F-VPI clear/normal
OFA Thyroid- RO-TH1006/22F-VPI Michigan State normal
OFA Dentition RO-DE1348/24F-VPI Full dentition
LEMP clear
NAD clear
Long Coat clear (S/S)
Furnishings clear (N/N)

River is the dam of our "M" litter


Ben vom Schwaiger Rathhaus,  BH, Ztp, Sch III, AD

OFA -RO-69069G134M-VPI
Elbows- RO-EL6674M134-VPI

Dogbase# (2013): HD 96 ED 81 Rüc 96 WH 105

DNA Profiled



Vaith vom Schwaiger Wappen SchH/VPG 3 FH 1 AD BH IPO 3 Gek.b.EzA Ztp 05.94


Willi vom Hause Neubrand SchH/VPG 3 AD BH Gek.b.EzA Ztp 05.90


IntCh Charly von der Nonnenhöhle SchH/VPG3 FH1 AD IPO3 Gek.b.30.04.91 Ztp 11.86 HD Frei
Quini vom Hause Neubrand SchH/VPG 3 AD BH Gek.b.01.10.91 Ztp 09.87 HD +/-
Bessi vom Talblick SchH/VPG3 FH1 AD BH IPO3 Ztp 11.90
Int-Ch WS'90 ES'90 BJS'87 Ö-BS'89 Benno von der Schwarzen Heide SchH/VPG 3 FH AD IPO 3 Ztp 04.88 HD-Frei
Holli vom Amselhof SchH/VPG1 AD Ztp 08.85 HD-Frei

Cleo vom Schwaiger Wappen SchH/VPG 3 FH 1 AD BH IPO 3 Gek.b.EzA Ztp 06.96
HD-Frei ED-Frei
Orso vom Kressbach SchH/VPG 3 FH AD BH IPO 3 Gek.b.EzA Ztp 11.92

Int-Ch EJS'88 Jero vom Kressbach SchH/VPG 3 FH AD Gek.b.EzA Ztp 05.88 HD +/-
Mona vom Kressbach SchH/VPG 1 AD BH Ztp 06.90 HD-Frei
Int/Dt.VDH-Ch ES'92 KS'92 Dorle von der Teufelsbrücke SchH/VPG 3 FH AD BH Ztp 03.91
Int-Ch WS'90 ES'90 BJS'87 Ö-BS'89 Benno von der Schwarzen Heide SchH/VPG 3 FH AD IPO 3 Ztp 04.88 HD-Frei
Int-Ch BS'90'91'92 BJS'88 KJS'88 Ö-BS'91 Bea von der Teufelsbrücke SchH/VPG 3 FH 1 AD IPO 3 Gek.b.EzA Ztp 04.89 HD +/-

Rascal von den Dreibergen BH CD RE CS

2013 #4 ARC Carting Started & #8 Novice Obedience

OFA Hips RO-72281G24F-VPI
OFA Elbows RO-EL8524F24-VPI
OFA Cardiac RO-CA5105/14F/C-VPI
CERF RO-362290



USRC NS'04 SWRS'04'05 Can-Ch Lord von Bickesheim II SchH/VPG3 AD BH RN Ztp
HD Frei ED Frei
RO-68710G78M-PI, RO-EL6484M78-PI, RO-CA3237/78M/C-PI, RO-6304
Dogbase# (2013): HD 93 ED 86 Rüc 97 WH 107
DNA profiled

Enzo von Bickesheim SchH/VPG 3 BH Ztp 10.00

HD +/- ED-Frei

Int/Dt.VDH-Ch Ayk von Bickesheim SchH/VPG 3 AD BH IPO 3 Gek.b.16.05.01 Ztp 11.97 HD-Frei ED-Frei
Tessy von Bickesheim SchH/VPG 1 BH Ztp 06.94 HD +/-
Fee von Bickesheim SchH/VPG 3 BH Ztp 10.00
HD-Frei ED-Frei
Int/Dt.VDH-Ch Pascha vom Obergrombacher Schloss SchH/VPG 3 AD BH IPO 3 Gek.b.EzA Ztp 03.94 HD-Frei
Sina von Bickesheim SchH/VPG 1 BH Ztp 09.93 HD +/-
Jetta von den Dreibergen VPG1 TR1 BH RE
RO-69791E24F-VPI, RO-EL7030F24-VPI, RO-CA3845/24F/C-VPI, RO-6837
Can-Ch Zamp vom Wolfert Turm SchH/VPG3 BH AD IPO3 Ztp
HD- ED+/- , RO-67065G49M-PI, RO-EL5689M49-P, RO-CA2412/47M/C-PI, RO-568
Dogbase# (2013): HD 97 ED 103 Rüc 95 WH 102
DNA profiled
Int/Schwz/Österr/Lux/Dt.VDH-Ch WJS'94 BS'97 BJS'94 Ö-BS'95'96'97 Ö-BJS'94 Schwz.KS FCI-ES'97 Rick von Burgthann SchH/VPG 3 AD BH IPO 3 Ztp 07.95 HD-Frei ED-Frei
Dt.VDH-Ch Tina vom Weissen Schwan SchH/VPG 3 FH 1 BH IPO 3 Ztp 09.99 HD-Frei ED-Frei
Can-Ch Lacey vom Storchengassle BH
RO-66962E24F-PI, RO-EL5636F24-PI, RO-CA2601/24F/C-PI,  RO-5797
Dogbase# (2013): HD 100 ED 100 Rüc 97 WH 100
DNA profiled
Dt.VDH-Ch WS'03 BS'03 Chan von der Bleichstrasse SchH/VPG 3 AD BH IPO 3 Ztp 05.01 HD-Frei ED-Frei
Bonnie vom Ulsenbach SchH/VPG 1 BH Ztp 08.99 HD +/- ED +

Sometimes things happen for a reason.

One of my "puppy buyers" wanted to buy me a puppy for my 50th birthday.
The odds of finding the puppy I wanted were slim.

Then after Annie died, I decided maybe I just did not need a puppy.
A friend of mine had a litter awhile ago and on the 18th of July I commented on this photo and said "This puppy looks naughty enough for me" The litter was all sold though
Well yesterday my friend emails me and asks if I want a puppy because something happened to the sale.
Rob and my birthday gift givers agreed and so puppy is coming.
I am not sure I am really ready for a baby, but the opportunity for these unique bloodlines will only come once and so here she is

River's sire Ben's Schutzhund scores were:
 SchH1 95 91 99
SchH 2 98 85 96
SchH 3 95 97 97

Video's of River's dam "Rascal"

Rally Excellent at a huge 3000 dog show

riverpkdt  rivernco1


River's first tracking lesson 9 weeks old

Posted by Diane Richardson on Wednesday, August 5, 2015



River tracking video - 14 weeks old



River NCO-1 video

River PKD-T video

River Shed Antler Training

River PKD-N video




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